DEEPTI PHARMACEUTICALS offers the following services to its esteemed clients in India and abroad, over and above its normal production schedule. The various services are:

1.Third party Manufacturing / Loan Licensing Facility. Presently, DEEPTI PHRAMCEUTICALS is manufacturing TWO PRODUCTS (packing of 30 ml volume bottles) – for two distinct Companies. Re-packaging is again another facility that we provide, for this we have the well equipped in-house facilities for re-packing of about 35 diverse products.

2.The manufacturing facility is at par with the best available in the industry in India. Currently, 6 products are manufactured and approved by various departments like FDA; State Governments and others. Participation in Government tenders and supporting other Companies doing so – is a priority area at DEEPTI PHARMACEUTICALS. Efforts are on for switchover to WHO-GMP systems. But, even presently, extreme Quality care; hygiene and parameters sensitive manufacturing process is adopted as a way of life at DEEPTI PHARMACEUTICALS.  Any of your product specific enquiries is most welcome.

3.At the moment, DEEPTI PHARMACEUTICALS manufactures to IP; BP and USP standards – all products of exceptional Quality.

Please let us know – what you want, how you want – and we are always here to serve you – to provide you THE BEST.

The sectors catered at DEEPTI PHARMACEUTICALS are:
        8 Hospitals for human care;
        8 Veterinary applications;
        8 Direct consumers;
        8 Distributor, Dealer and Retailer network

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