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Deepti Pharmaceutical’s quality management policy confirms our commitment to provide products and services of an approved quality and standard that fully satisfy the guidelines of GMP.

Deepti pharmaceutical has modernized production facilities which strictly follow GMP regulations. Here production is carried out on scientific precision.


  • To enhance customer’s satisfaction.
  • To ensure well-timed delivery.
  • To increase Market Share in Market by 25%.
  • To boost functioning by providing basic training to every employee according to their competence.
  • To provide cent percent safe working environment.
  • Continual monitoring Quality Management System effectiveness.
  • To ensure constant improvements.

Environmental Policy

We render immense attention for protecting the environment from getting polluted. So implemented following instructions -

Protecting the environment of the company premises from getting polluted particularly due to activities like smoking, disposal of insanitary and industrial waste water or products or due to enormous noise.

We lay much emphasis on strict implementation of safety measures and occupational hygiene in the working premises of the company as well as pay due attention towards spreading awareness among the employees against the hazards of environmental pollution. We laid out certain rules and regulation for protection of environment and revise them periodically.

We strictly apply every law made by legislation in regards to environmental protection. Also fix the aims and objectives that these laws demands for and carry out all activities accordingly.

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